Silver pewter by Wolfgang

Wolfgang Schulze was trained in metal smithing by a master craftsman in Germany. He escaped from Communist East Germany in 1958 & immigrated to Australia in 1960. 

Wolfgang has been creating his Wildflower designs for nearly 40 years. Each piece starts with a rough sketch, his ideas change as it develops. You can see the pieces virtually growing. Wolfgang uses knives, chisels, files and a rotary tool to carve his intricate designs out of pewter. It takes days to complete each design. He makes a mould and then reproduces limited editions. Each piece is hand finished by Wolfgang. He continues to create new designs and his wife Janette is involved by bringing the feminine aspect to each design.

All of Wolfgang’s designs are made from non-toxic, lead free Australian pewter. Using a mixture of silver, tin and bismuth, giving the products more of a silver finish than traditional pewter products.